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You don’t need to break the bank, or, live in a mansion to create a beautiful space for yourself.




Bulawayo, My Home City

Bulawayo is the City I was born and raised in. It’s the second largest city in Zimbabwe, with a population of over 653,000. It is a beautiful city rich in culture and still boasting beautiful colonial British architecture.

I was raised in a middle class, black family in a suburb called Parklands. My sister Laura and I attended exceptional private schools, including a Catholic  all-girls school called Dominican Convent High School. Extracurricular activities included Toast Masters, Sports, The Debate Club, Scripture Union, Yoga, Drama, Choir, to name a few. The nuns who taught us were strong willed, independent German and Zimbabwean women who pushed us to be only our best selves, excel and accept nothing less in life.  God forbid patrolling prefects caught you talking to anyone of the opposite sex, trolling through stores unsupervised, or, worse…wearing a jersey without a blazer in the city’s CBD! Punishment by death!

I excelled in French, Literature, Drama and Choir. I got along with everyone. I was often found in the library during recess, or, in between classes, reading Nancy Drew and Self Help books. The nuns appointed me Assistant Librarian in my final year. Explains a lot!

At Christmas the city’s primary and secondary schools united for an annually anticipated night of Carols at the great white City Hall. Hell even the cool kids wanted to be seen there. It was magical, with a full orchestra and grand organ more than 20 decades old. Those have long since stopped. Sad. But, the Catholic church does still host Carols By Candlelight every year. Thank God!

I’ve always wanted to get married, or, christen my baby in a grand cathedral because of our Saint Mary’s Cathedral. A stunning relic in our city. The girls in school always went gaga when the boys from our brother school, Christian Brothers College (CBC) came to service at the old church. The Convent is adjacent to it. PERFECT VIEW! LOL.

To me the ice-cream’s so much more amazing, the freshly baked, unsliced bread is heavenly and our food is still NON GMO…delicious and unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

Many of us had a pretty sweet childhood in Bulawayo. Safe, CLEAN, friendly, conservative and industrious.

BET Experience Africa 2015





Three-time GRAMMY Award nominated international R&B, soul and pop singer, actress and television personality Tamar Braxton joins fellow R&B sensations Maxwell and Raphael Saadiq on the line-up for the BET Experience Africa. The three R&B superstars will perform during the gala concert alongside two of Africa’s top artists, multi-instrumentalist Flavour and Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz at the BET Experience Africa, a spectacular global celebration of urban culture, music and lifestyle from entertainment channel BET (DStv channel 129).


I recently came across a really cool goldmine on…38 hours of great Hip Hop spanning the decades, broken down into bite size playlists 🙂

Thought I’d share this for you to indulge in as you type that report / assignment, or, while you just simply chill.

Also checkout This site carries over 38 Volumes of Hop Hop History spanning 1970 to date!

Rise of New Media Art, Inc. : Kenzo Digital

I’m no Urban Culture aficionado, but, I have this deep appreciation and insatiable need to study it in it’s various forms, including fashion, art and Hip Hop culture.

It’s such a spiritual high for to me to go through the Rap archives of documentaries, short films telling the story of the war on crack, how the Godfathers turned tragedy to triumph and still had demons to face even long after moving into the Hamptons 30’000 square footage and Park Avenue High Rise; the insane way they spat all these stories into iconic, timeless time capsules.

Hip Hop has metamorphosed from flipped 70s vinyl records, street battles, street parties, street / gang commentary, 90’s crack funded start-ups and bi-coastal warfare. Rap art and the business of hip hop have gone from underground ghetto expressionism, beyond social commentary to reach a further elevated, sophisticated, technological and intellectual status; One that is using New Media Art to make its mark and entertain the cerebral.

Today these guys are more multidimensional in their business acumen and vision. Soaking up global cultures, historic cultures and artistic nuances; creating a whole new hybrid of hip hop intelligentsia; They’re either running together in packs of collaborative designers + Musicians + Art Directors + Filmmakers like A$AP Mob, or, establishing design houses/think incubators of all things “cool” like Kanye West’s house of Donda.

Every concert, item of clothing worn, Instagram image posted and song produced make up this highly cerebral body of art, with a conscious and unified message.

And the world is sitting up and listening, man.

New media art is a genre that encompasses artworks created with new media technologies, including digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art, video games, computer robotics, and art as biotechnology.

This genre has taken over urban culture, influencing it’s fashion sensibility, sound and visual aesthetic. In fact, in the same way that the music producer, once banished to working in the shadows of the pop star, has become the super star, New Media artists and Creative Directors are fast becoming key mainstream collaborators and celebrities.


In 2011 I watched Beyoncé’s memorable Billboard Music Awards performance where she performed against this really cool projection mapping technology, designed by Creative Director and Visual Art extraordinaire Kenzo Digital. That was the first time I heard that name. KENZO DIGITAL.

He has collaborated with the likes of Beyonce, Kanye West, Kenzo Paris, the United Nations and Jay Z, to name a few.

“The speed and scope of information consumption on the internet is increasing at an incredible rate, and with that acceleration comes the atrophying of consumer attention spans. This trend, unfortunately, causes a lot of well-crafted pieces of work to be overlooked by potential audiences, and, even worse, dissuade creators from even engaging in production because they feel that it’s a losing battle from jump. As an artist who heavily uses the internet as a resource for my craft, I’m most interested in creating timeless pieces of art that can thrive online despite the challenges I described above.” – Kenzo Digital,




Spliced Magazine 2.0 Is Here!

Spliced Magazine is my go-to urban culture bible for all thing pop culture, tech, body art, cinema, lifestyle and so much more.

It’s a hybrid lifestyle magazine for the smart, pop culture enthusiast.

Version 2.0 is now easier to read on any device, easier to share with your friends – same great content!

Visit Here

SPLICED MAGAZINE                         PHOTOGRAPHY: Tim Hulme |                   MAKEUP: Tiffany Wilson |                    MODEL: Melody Kaye
PHOTOGRAPHY: Tim Hulme | MAKEUP: Tiffany Wilson | MODEL: Melody Kaye

The Insanely Great Infographic Art & Style of Pop Chart Lab

This is some sick art and interior decor if I ever saw it!

Pop chart lab are making waves and becoming popular for their creative chart-styled illustrated work:

“In 2010, a book editor and a graphic designer joined forces with one modest goal: to render all of human experience in chart form.

They went on to amass no small renown (that is, a ton of renown) for their infographical treatments of the varieties of beer, the full array of culinary tools, a taxonomy of hip-hop, and dozens more mappings of cultural touchstones.

Now, with a small team of researchers, designers, and soldiers, Pop Chart Lab continues to assemble, sift, cull, and arrange massive amounts of cultural data into meaningful works of art and information” –

The Magnificent Map of Rap Names

The Comprehensive History of Apple

#NorahSofiaFavourites Of The Week

As a child, one of my favourite things to do with my mom, Norah Sofia, was walk, or, drive through some of Bulawayo’s prettiest neighbourhoods looking at beautiful homes, watching design and renovation shows on BBC and buying chic items to place in our home.

Sundays were a little tough on me; what with the growing ‘Monday Blues’ and impending doom of having to go to school (Dominican Convent Girl’s High School) the next day. Sunday morning service, followed by a massive Sunday lunch (Norah Sofia’s famous curries and casseroles) then a walk through the pretty Coghlan neighbourhood were therapeutic in some way.

So now I attend fairs, visit home design stores and share some of my findings with you, my friends.

Here are my favorites of the week:



To all my 80s babies, 90s teens,Old skool, old souls of the MTV era
Here’s some cool, nostalgic hip hop therapy to help you get through
Your daily grind and hustle.

This is how we do, everyday all day.

Hope these jams touch your soul and re-ignite your fire. Don’t give up.
Keep it up and know the dream isn’t far from your reach.

Stay Hard!

Maria McCloy Urban Culturalist

Maria McCloy Urban Culturalist

If you want a birds-eye view of what cosmopolitan, career-oriented, fashion savvy 20-Somethings are wearing and accessorizing with in Johannesburg, you only need look at

Maria’s multicultural background and global fashion experiences (growing up visiting UK markets, shopping in New York, living in Africa and developing a love for all things India) established a unique fashion and aesthetic sensibility and brand of ethnic-urban, bespoke jewellery, bags and vintage clothing.

Years ago, her then burgeoning accessories obsession turned into serendipitous luck when True Love Food Editor, Mokgadi Itsweng saw the Lesotho crafted earrings she wore, ordered a couple for herself and eventually introduced Maria to Stoned Cherry founder, Nkhensani. The rest, as they say, is fabulous, fashion-forward history.

The label MARIA MCCLOY was born and so was her incredible line of branded African print bags, shoes and custom tailored earrings. To date MARIA MCCLOY has been stocked by South African fashion titans Stoned Cherry, Sun Goddess and Mantsoe. Her pieces have been flaunted on the necks, hands and ears of celebrities like Lira, Zaki Ibrahim and Simphiwe Dana. And they have graced the pages of True Love, Destiny, Play, Elle Decor and Cosmo….to name a few. Even CNN interviewed the designer in an edition of CNN Inside Africa.

Today Maria is also a PR consultant to VIACOM Africa for their brands MTV Base, MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, VH1 and BET.
Check out Maria McCloy at TEDx Johannesburg Women 2013
“Authentic African Aesthetics That Inspire The World”

Accessories and Urban Culture lover, Publicist, Journalist based in Johannesburg
+27 82 3400 262
If you want to buy some of her African print treats visit her ay Market On Main (Corner Fox and Berea, Downtown Johannesburg) every Sunday.