Hello World!

Welcome to my digital ‘vision board,’ diary and guide to la dolce vita!

I don’t believe in gunning for success, raking in the bucks and simply ‘blinging’ it galore. No, no my dear ‘New Money!’ I want to use this space to expose us to the best and most iconic of all aspects of our mortal lives on this planet; From music, to fashion, art, the cultures of the world and spirituality.

I’m giving you a front row seat into the thoughts, life lessons, interests, discoveries and pursuits of a thirty-something, Pan-African woman.

This blog is dedicated to the greatest influence in my life. The one person I know for a fact would give up everything for me. The woman who to taught me the value of building a passionate, beautiful, luxurious quality of life for myself and others around me. My mother, my first love, NORAH SOFIA.

So here’s what you’ll be getting from me…







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