Bulawayo, My Home City

Bulawayo is the City I was born and raised in. It’s the second largest city in Zimbabwe, with a population of over 653,000. It is a beautiful city rich in culture and still boasting beautiful colonial British architecture.

I was raised in a middle class, black family in a suburb called Parklands. My sister Laura and I attended exceptional private schools, including a Catholic  all-girls school called Dominican Convent High School. Extracurricular activities included Toast Masters, Sports, The Debate Club, Scripture Union, Yoga, Drama, Choir, to name a few. The nuns who taught us were strong willed, independent German and Zimbabwean women who pushed us to be only our best selves, excel and accept nothing less in life.  God forbid patrolling prefects caught you talking to anyone of the opposite sex, trolling through stores unsupervised, or, worse…wearing a jersey without a blazer in the city’s CBD! Punishment by death!

I excelled in French, Literature, Drama and Choir. I got along with everyone. I was often found in the library during recess, or, in between classes, reading Nancy Drew and Self Help books. The nuns appointed me Assistant Librarian in my final year. Explains a lot!

At Christmas the city’s primary and secondary schools united for an annually anticipated night of Carols at the great white City Hall. Hell even the cool kids wanted to be seen there. It was magical, with a full orchestra and grand organ more than 20 decades old. Those have long since stopped. Sad. But, the Catholic church does still host Carols By Candlelight every year. Thank God!

I’ve always wanted to get married, or, christen my baby in a grand cathedral because of our Saint Mary’s Cathedral. A stunning relic in our city. The girls in school always went gaga when the boys from our brother school, Christian Brothers College (CBC) came to service at the old church. The Convent is adjacent to it. PERFECT VIEW! LOL.

To me the ice-cream’s so much more amazing, the freshly baked, unsliced bread is heavenly and our food is still NON GMO…delicious and unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

Many of us had a pretty sweet childhood in Bulawayo. Safe, CLEAN, friendly, conservative and industrious.


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