2016, The Year of #ItsComplicated




2016 was probably the greatest year of my life, yet. And it was also one of the toughest. Reality as we once knew it is being turned on its head and I am truly excited.

This year alone I noticed the life experiences of millions of young Millenial females seem to be freakishly in sync. I  would experience a personal strife, or, epiphany and I would hear the exact same story, recounted from other young women in Johannesburg and around the world at the exact same moment. Time and again. I mean articles, blog posts, conversations, social media shares resounded with “What! Me Too!”

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! More and more of us are picking up on  truth vibrations and we are shifting from an epoque of control to the dawn of human expansion. It’s like we’re all in the same class as preparation for what is to come.

Energy Experience 1: The Millenial Generation has found itself in a new world unlike anything that humanity has ever experienced. Nothing makes sense, nothing is black and white. The past 3 years for billions of us young adults have been high pressure, confusing and anxiety-ridden.

Energy Experience 2: We felt ourselves being forced to realise we have to change our careers and exist in a transitioning earth where global systems are disintegrating before we can even find our feet. We just couldn’t seem to get our money, or, career choices right for a moment there.

Energy Experience 3: We’ve been under pressure to only live a life that fits our gifts, passions and personalities. In the past one could ignore their personal truth, or, calling and get on with fitting in with the status quo and safe. For the average Millenial, living outside of one’s truth causes a painful reaction in the energies and experiences around us. If you don’t follow the calling, or, live in your integrity, your ass gets kicked. And I mean black and blue!

Energy Experience 4: #ItsComplicated was the dominant “dating” theme in 2016. Hell was anyone dating at all? We are marrying even later than before and struggling to attract even a boyfriend. Frivolous frog kissing just isn’t cutting it with the Divine. For every Charlotte crying out “Where is He?” the Universe seems to force us into a time of solitude, spiritual evolution, knowledge acquisition, sexual enhancement, financial and career grooming from a spiritual perspective as well as forming a companionship with the Divine. Only once the process reaches a certain level does the true “Soul Mate” come in. In fact, we are under pressure to mate with our own souls and only then love comes in. Really ladies! Nothing less is acceptable to the Universe.

Ladies do share your 2016 experiences. I think we can all agree something great is at work here.


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