The Beginning of The End in 2016

The past two years have been a time of quantum leap expansion for humanity. We’re going through systemic disruptions, the rise of global populism and activism, seemingly growing isolationism and on an individual level, the realisation that establishing an internal locus of control is the only way to navigate the craziness and manifest the change you want to see in your world.

Here’s my outlook on some of what went down this 2016.



Education has come under fire around the globe over the past 15 years. Schooling standards across Africa are worse than disgraceful. Reformers like Michelle Rhee brought to light the failing American school system. Keely Mullen organised the #MillionStudentMarch of 2015 and student activism in South Africa, led by Nompendulo Mkatshwa, soared to heights unlike anything we have seen in decades.

In my humble opinion, #FeesMustFall isn’t the conversation we should be having. The core problem here is that what we learn and the business model of higher learning needs a complete overhaul. In fact we should be shouting #EducationAsWeKnowItMustFall! We’re fighting a dying beast. The new world order is no longer conducive to leaning on the crutch of an expensive Bachelor’s Degree. Because, dare I say, maybe, just maybe the four year degree is becoming obsolete in the long term.

In fact, I would go as far as to propose that not every field requires a degree, and not every child has to go through tertiary learning…and THAT’S OK!

This is the age of Education Entrepreneurs and Open Source Learning that caters to a generation of self-leaning high school graduates who choose to go straight into employment and business ownership.

VIVA to the death of the industrial method of churning kids through a linear “one-size-fits-all” machine. You know…from preschool to primary school to high school through tertiary then employment, retirement and finally, death!


Ok. Let’s try to see the positive side of this.

Could it be that having more youngsters skip the pain of expensive, inaccessible tertiary education, diving right into the job market, or, launching a trade of their own…and I can’t believe I’m typing this…coupled with having an entrepreneur like the “Donald” at the helm of the free world may be just what we need to further energise self-empowerment, business and ingenuity. Welcome #NextGenCapitalism.

Another perspective would be that Clinton’s loss speaks not only to how far women have come, but, also how fair the playing field has turned out for both genders. Ladies and feminists hear me loud and clear, the world is not going to go easy on you and dole out a free pass just because you have a uterus. We wanted fairness and equality, well now we play and live by those rules regardless of circumstance and station. So quit your whining because gender maketh not a leader, well not a credible one anyway. Society will judge an individual on merit and ethics. Period.

Here’s another perspective; we have officially entered the golden age of true self-actualisation. You really have the power to manifest a dream, or, desire regardless of notoriety, race, gender, sexual orientation, class and nationality anywhere on this planet. What sphere of influence, or, desire are you willing to “Trump” today?

And finally my friends, now we intrinsically know that Brand America is simply that…a brand…an illusion. The idea of one solitary super power is fast becoming out-dated. We are morphing into a society that celebrates excellence, but, will not hype said excellence into bronze demi-gods statues with…clay feet.


We saw the rise of the marginalised majority (in some cases minority) and their shocking political tactics to be heard! Black vote for the D.A. during South Africa’s 2016 municipal elections, CHECK! Typically docile and industrious Zimbabweans rising in protest, CHECK! Poor white America voting ‘Make America Great Again.’ CHECK! And we’ve made it cool to believe that a black life matters, DOUBLE CHECK!

Need I say more? The people have spoken! Albeit while not always making the smartest of choices.

But, the biggest lesson from populism is if you really want to win hearts, dare to be the voice that says what they’re all thinking, but, would never utter in public! Second, just because a certain demographic is silent, it does not mean they have nothing to say, or, query. Always ensure everyone is heard! Always check in.

Third, maybe, just maybe the disenfranchised are not relegated to a particular race, or, the low income class. As of today, never again will I make the mistake of assuming that the silence of the overlooked, or, those presumed to be well-off equals contentment. Watch out because it will come back to bite you in the butt!


All in all, this year’s international politics and activism have awakened everyone to the realisation that one really would be foolish to relinquish the outcome of their life, livelihood, learning and happiness to an individual, party, or, system. We must, at grassroots level, find the solutions within ourselves for our own lives. They cannot help you!

Also, understanding that the world is continuously in flux and trying to stop the waves of change is like trying to flat iron a raging sea. What you resist persists. The old guards have lost power, the behemoths are failing. Don’t fight a dying system, simply create a whole new blue print. Go to war where there actually are spoils people!

So, take advantage of this new found freedom! You are the master of your universe. The next decade is going to be a prosperous time for those who choose to awaken, say it like it is, seize the new day and use their own creative super power.

One would swear the universe purposefully refused to give us another ‘Hero’ to look to, to save the day. Instead we have to be our own saviour. And now we are truly free!



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