Dear Women,

I hope this letter finds you well and you’re having a great start to your 2016.

Today I want to bring life changing enlightenment to you. Today I need you to stop seeing yourself as a mere human. As just a woman, or, female and / or the weaker sex who is always loosing in life and love. Change your perception of yourself and experiences and your life will evolve at a faster and more positive momentum than you could ever imagine.

I’m going to use an analogy that will make this comprehensible and also possibly change how you live and date.

Women complain about men who are out there refusing to commit to a relationship,  indulging in seemingly meaningless sex with whomever they please. But, I need you to really have a good look at what you’re actually observing here. God speaks to us in mysterious ways. Are these people being selfish? Absolutely! Are they being true to themselves, where they’re at and what they desire? Yes! Is that wrong? Be honest…Selah.

I have come to learn over the course of my spiritual journey that these are souls who have come into this time-space reality to teach women a profound spiritual law and truth, helping them regain the divine being-ness and the confidence they lost over the centuries.

Thus sayeth God, you and you alone are the powerful and deliberate co-creator of your reality. You are powerful creative vibrational energy. So my beautiful’vibrational-energy,’ in order to create a favourable reality, you must align with the divine source (God), live through that alignment and from there follow your truth and bliss. You will then vibrate and attract only that which is in your favour.

The aforementioned men, that society tends to judge and abhor, are merely souls brought here to loudly declare and demonstrate this powerful law. What an impactful job they’re doing! They are unapologetic, conscious architects of the life they desire. They choose to be true to one’s self, point blank and period. The majority of men, in general, have this incredible sense of self and remain loyal to that despite a woman’s incessant demand to acquiesce. They choose to calmly hold on to their hearts, vibrating at an aligned and intentional level. The universe conspires in their favour and time again and the result is they create and then cleave to a mate who fits that desire. So simple, fluid, clear and true.

With such strong conviction, self-connection and intention is it any wonder that for them, it is truly “a man’s world.” A reality which they vibrationally mould into whatever they want. A world in which society says “your wish is my command.” A world in which they’re surrounded by countless subservient women / souls who become the physical manifestation of such deliberate intent, clamouring to do whatever it takes to be the ‘chosen one.’

How powerful! How supernaturally extraordinary! It’s been right in front of our faces the whole damn time. You become and create what you believe, feel and just know. The law of alignment and attraction is demonstrated to us in all these nuances.

Ladies, instead of being a victim and indulging in negativity, don’t you want to use your energy to become mistress of your own universe.

So here’s the grace and love and beauty of this law…. the universe, or, reality is not at all limited to the intentions / creations of one group, or, person!

Life can be whatever you want it to be! In fact, it’s not a man’s world. It’s your world. What do you want? Our loving and gracious God really, truly has lovingly designed the cosmos to work in your favour. And He lavishly placed in your hands the free will to be and have and enjoy whatever you want or need. To be mistress of your destiny!

Stop self-sabotaging beloved because you feel it is a woman’s lot in life to never have what she wants. To struggle in love and career and society. We need to end that horrible belief and dialogue as a society. It’s been a nightmarish, fulfilled prophecy for far too long now. ENOUGH!

If you want true love, vibrate, believe and align with true love. Love is of God. God is love. If you’re not aligning with love, then it is simply an indicator that you darling daughter are not aligning with your God, your source. See?

God is love. So of course he wants to see love prevail! So, like your male counterparts, grow a pair, become your own boss. Get cocky and simply believe in it, become it and selfishly vibrate it. Dare to be arrogant enough to simply know that you are a girl, or, a woman who only brings into line that which she wants.

Divine beings, let’s co-create great relationships with likeminded men. Stop observing and talking about men we deem unlovable and wrong. They don’t exist in our time-space reality; therefore, we do not give them the time of day. If you encounter one, it’s an indicator you’re somehow out of whack in your vibration. Simply face what’s going on, do an internal recalibration, get back to source and move on in love. Be true north. Don’t get caught up in the pain and negative contrasts of life. Keep on joyfully aligning.

A “player’s” self-image, lifestyle, conversation, mind, conscience is geared around sex and sexual conquests. They obsess focus on and pursue sex. Therefore they attract and partake of as much of it as they want unapologetically. Ignore what you don’t want and incessantly talk about, be, pursue and indulge in what you do want. Bad men don’t exist. Aligned men who believe in and attract what they want, whether we think it’s wrong, do.

Choose to be mistress of your space and do life with the ones who are in line with what you want. Period!


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