Screw ‘You’ This 2016

Screw Me-1

Hello 2016! Thanks for the slap in my face today and reminding me of the greatest lessons I had to learn in 2015; it’s not all about me; patience is a virtue; love unconditionally; you were never a victim.

I’m a self-confessed bless-me, fix-me, prosperity junkie. I spend numerous hours fixating on what to fix about myself and what I need to achieve and acquire in order to manifest the grandiose life I envision for moi.

One never realizes that life is passing by, one’s awareness and perception of the world becomes stunted, one dimensional and you miss out on nuggets that could’ve been acquired from simply partaking of the colourful personalities and opinions and experiences around them. Most importantly you miss out on love and a life even more rich and amazing than what you have in mind.

When was the last time you did anything lavishly kind and loving for other people, for an entire week without drowning in concerns about you? I say kindness is next to Godliness. To stop, be still, simply observe the world and talk to people, and listen to them and lend a helping, or, loving hand.

Can you go a day without trying to fix something you feel is “wrong” about you? Can you go a day without trying to rectify a problem you see in your partner, whom you feel is inconveniencing the expectations / vision you had of the relationship in your head.

Can you go a day…let’s just start with a day… simply liking yourself and your loved ones, as and where you are, regardless of perceived imperfections? Can you love him today even if he hasn’t proposed, called, or, showered you with affection? Can you love your imperfect parents, who did the best they could with what they knew and had?

When did we start to believe that all there is to life is me? it’s narcissistic. I’m tired of me actually. I want to wake up and experience the world AS IT IS. No trying to change anything, or, anyone. To simply live, breath slowly, eat well and chill. I’m open to where I’m at now. The future has it’s own battles. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

I’m open to who my mother, my father, my sibling, my God, my man, my friends, my society are.

Lighten up folks. The sun shines us all!


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