Not Just a Local, African Kid. I’m a Global Player

This TED Talk by Magatte Wade really speaks to my ambitions, the impact I’d like my legacy to have on humanity and how I’d like to go about fleshing it out.

I’m proud and blessed to have been born and bred in Africa. But, I feel in all honesty that Melissa Russell transcends merely being African. I am a global citizen and game player. I do not subscribe to premise that I’m this one dimensional idea of what it means to be African. I grew up in a world where borders have long since collapsed online and we’re all now a part of one global community and streaming consciousness.

I want to build an iconic brand that establishes me as a global conversationalist, problem solver and culture-caster. I’m not just a local kid. I’m a cool global player. I believe this personal brand and ideology can help me contribute in a culturally relevant, effective and popular manner towards advancing the world around me.


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