A-Cup Girl

Why do I feel most alive and strong when I take uncalculated, unbridled risks in my life.

Patience is not one of my virtues. And that typically translates into a desire to live a somewhat nomadic life. New adventures, new challenges and a pattern of waking up one morning of the 3rd year, throwing all caution down the crapper and just starting over.

As a little girl whenever we went on holiday I’d beg to not go back home. I can recall giving the folks a hug in the parking lot of my new campus digs, my first day of university. Before the car had turned the curb I’d excitedly dashed off to explore my new home while my mom waved at…no one standing there.

That’s my style of doing life I’m finding; fearless, loyal to love and life. You know, I somehow know…just know that it’ll catch me if I jump. It’s trying to collide with me. The life I desire. I’m not afraid she won’t find me. I just know who I am to become is meant to be.

Someone is inside me dying to exist and every night she nudges at me. She doesn’t give a flying F&^% about saving face!

I’m no Martha Stewart. No administration goddess. I’m a dreamer, headed for a life of significance and yet, so human and flawed in a mundane everyday way. I’m embracing my humanity, simplicity and free spirit. I’m an A-cup, skinny powerhouse and I love it!

Take me as I am! It’s all you’ll get.



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