And So It Begins

At some point it all comes to a head. It all comes down to one thing… woman…standoff…legacy. The coming into one’s own and acceptance that you’re now a full-fledged adult woman with a mandate to fulfil; Lessons learned and the putting on of armour for the building and realization of a legacy.

No one is coming to rescue you or make it happen for you. You are not exempt from the same laws that govern humanity. And if you think that being a woman somehow exempts you from the gruesome warfare and toil that comes with making your dream and legacy a reality, you’re wrong. Remember what I always state, You and You alone are the CEO and custodian of You Inc.

If you are a wife and mother, know that your prayers and voice rise up to the divine like the sweet smelling aroma of burning incense. It is the most potent and readily attended to cry of any other. You birth and nurture the bloodlines. You are the custodians of God’s beloved. The universe is ever at your command and conspiring in your favour. Use this privilege. Build and empower.

If you are single, cock and load. Stay alert and march into your promised land for your time is at hand. There’s ground to cover and territories ready for possession.

I am ready. I am ready. I know exactly what to do; exactly what I want. My heart is soaring, my will is strong and my resolve unshakable. I’ve never been more certain and clear in my life. My family may not be in the physical realm yet. But, I’m establishing my homestead, setting the foundation right. I am the matriarch and I will run this ship like a boss and sail us to the stars, so help me God.


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