You’ve got to handle your business from moment to moment. There are great lovers out there, miracle angel investors, guardian angels and great friends. But, when it comes down to it my dear, your life is your own. And in every way, at every turn, you need to be a strong, smart and deliberate creator of your life.

So, you need to take ten deep breaths. Stretch your arms over your head in the steeple position and stretch down into the downward-facing-dog. If you don’t see brass balls, or, a “Big Girl Panty” label on them Spanx®, then Wichita Cucamonga, we have a problem.

I’m going to have to take a step back, and detour through the inventory of life skills I’ve learned over the past decade out of my mother’s home:

LESSON 1: Your spiritual well-being is your highest priority and greatest tool in life. Our mamas and the preacher were right. We are spirit and spirit sensory beings, before anything else. We war not against flesh and blood, but, against powers and principalities. Everything about our human experience is relational in nature and based on the law of energy and attraction. In business and career, love and war, it’s about emotional intelligence, interpersonal acumen, preconceived notions and how perception is influenced. The stronger, quicker, sharper your spiritual “being” is, the greater your chances of getting the life, love you desire. The more nurtured and tuned your spiritual eye and muscle, the better your chances. Be street and spirit smart. The world can sense a spiritual airhead and dunce a mile away.

LESSON 2: You are the sole CEO and CFO of YOU.Inc! Listen to me. Brand YOU is a highly lucrative and sort after entity. Be smart, maintain 100% control and ownership. Do not sell yourself short for other people’s flawed beliefs, expectations, a pay cheque, whatever. Be true to you. Firstly, you only close a deal that makes you a winner. Second, it’s great to learn from each other and have role models, but, always be true to your brand.

“When I ask the class I teach, “How many of you can cook a better hamburger than McDonalds?” almost all the students raise their hands. I then ask, “So if most of you can cook a better hamburger, how come McDonalds makes more money than you?”

The answer is obvious: McDonalds is excellent at business systems. May be McDonalds does not make the best hamburger, but, they are the best at selling and delivering a basic average hamburger.”

-Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

LESSON 3: It’s rarely about you. The woman who feels the need to make you feel less “mature” or “worldly” or “in the know” simply saw you as an accessible punching bag for all her personal drama. The little boy who toyed with your feelings and made you feel unworthy of his love was in fact an extremely lonely, deprived narcissist who lives of others’ divine essence. He was simply doing what he always does. He saw something in you he feels he lacks and simply wanted a bite. It’s actually a sad thing to witness. I wouldn’t wish that kind if emptiness and damage on anyone. Truly. Never ever let anyone have any kind of monopoly, or, handle on your femininity, personality and mind. Dry your eyes baby. Love is truly your portion in life.

LESSON 4: Enjoy your own company. If you don’t, there are plenty who are more than willing to move into that vacant space inside and do with it as they please until it’s not fun anymore. I LOVE being on my own. Norah Sofia used to rant and rave about how much time I spent alone reading, day dreaming, writing, or, listening to music in my room. Little did I realize that cherishing my personal space had built a “suffer no fool” resilience in me. I am able to simply turn my back and walk from you without a second thought if I feel dangerously compromised in anyway and I’m all the more happier for being back where I love to be, enjoying “Me Time”.

Also, do not succumb to FOMO (Fear of Missing out). You don’t have to be seen at every hot spot for every hot event with every hot somebody. Take ten seats. Disappear for a while and do something out-of-the-norm. A little mystique goes a long way!

LESSON 5: It’s not whether I can afford it. It’s how can I afford it! Be smart, keep your mind open to opportunities and always do your best to take care of your damn self. FYI, relying solely on a pay cheque isn’t how you will afford “it” my studio-apartment-living-20 something, friend.

LESSON 6: Whether I’m broke, or, rolling in moola I always keep it tight and right. I am always looking my best. Yes, life gets rough, but, never, ever let them see you tore-up-from-the-floor-up. I attracted a vicious rat into my life because he took one look at the rundown exterior and figured he’d found a cesspool to scratch around in. Keep it divine inside AND out.

LESSON 7: Be the queen of your castle. It’s not a studio apartment…it’s a cozy, suite, OK! Even luxury is Priced to Go, honey! I’m not very domesticated…OK, not at all actually…but, I’m taking the oath to try to maintain my body and personal space as my sacred havens…my Boudoir, if you will. I’m surrounded by scented candles, burning vanilla essence, pretty ornaments, gorgeous bedding, throws, fur cushions, etc. Beauty surrounds me and beauty becomes me. Even on a shoe string budget you can always make a plan to feather your nest! Hello mark downs and “Monsieur Price”!

To Be Continued….



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