Lady Allure In Abaya Couture

Lately, I’m really into garments and interior decor that really speak to a lady expressing herself in a discreet, alluring manner.

I’ve found a whole new appreciation for the style in which a modern woman of Islam dresses herself. A beautiful girlfriend of mine recently married the love of her life, a great guy of Qatari descent. I can’t help, but, envy the love and manner in which it’s conveying itself through her fashion. Her body is responding too. She’s radiant, becoming fuller in all the right places. Her freedom to love and ensuing fulfillment as a woman are drawing her to cloth her body in the finest “abaya-sexy” couture that accentuates the right points, but, just enough to keep her body veiled only for her man’s eyes.

I think it’s sexy…Kim and Rihanna pull it off so so exquisitely

More quick picks of the day…

Additional inspiration


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