HELLO 2015, 20-All-Me!

Week of March 02 – 08, 2015

You’ve been priming the pump for a bold project, and on Tuesday, with the groundbreaking connection between pioneering Uranus and limitless Jupiter, you’ll be dipping your bucket into a bottomless well of creativity. Because Uranus is retrograde — a movement that rules the past —this might be a project that you shelved a while ago and pick back up again. – Tauras Horoscope, elle.com

Hello There!

So sorry it’s taken me a while to touch base and keep the inspiration flowing. It’s been a miraculous couple of months and I’ve FINALLY emerged so fulfilled, so free and ready to just gun-it, doing me, as hot and heavy as I can.

I want to give my Mother God the thumbs up and acknowledgement for this sweet, sweet moment in my life. I fell in love for the first time and subsequently experienced a life altering heartbreak, for the first and hopefully last time. I went home to Norah Sofia, I shed my old skin and I shopped to find a new mode of expression for the stranger I’d become. Norah Sofia showered me in daily prayer and incense; serenaded me in a rampage on the knowledge of conscious creation and just took on all my vicious attacks and fits of rage. Then I boarded what was probably the smoothest flight I’d ever been on and came back to my Joburg life.

It is with great reverence and gratitude that I announce to you that the girl you met in the first article posted on this space died in a beautiful coming of age crucifixion. I discovered the divine feminine…my divine feminine…my divine and lavish ability to love whole heartedly…and…I finally uncovered what happened. I’ve officially become a woman.

Well. As a result of this opening up of the heavens, I’ve earned a promotion, I got to check-off a career bucket list item and I can honestly say I finally have the freedom to truly pursue all that I find so delicious and satisfying to ME. Cherry on the cake…I don’t give a damn in general and I’m just cruising on auto-authentic-me.

Life is F’ing awesome! And I look forward to a year of some freakin’ incredible births, adventures and manifestations.

So you’ll be seeing some interesting twists and selections of what I now think is great fashion, art and / or music. It’s all an intimate look into my frame of mind, emotional navigation and expression. While I’ll enjoy sharing my discoveries with you and look forward to your comments, let it be known upfront that this is going to be unconventional with crazy colouring outside the boundary lines. So to all you experienced experts “…frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”


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