Solange Knowles Reveals Cool Nuptials Photography & Wedding Dress!

If there’s one thing I appreciate it’s uncontrived, authentic and intrinsically natural artists and people in general.

I see that a lot in Solange. She reminds me a lot of my sister Laura. I’m also from a family of 2 girls. I’m the oldest.

The younger of two girls always seems to be the bravest, most outspoken and carefree. They couldn’t give a damn and chose to live and be as they wish. They’re unapologetically themselves by nature.

Solange’s wedding truly speaks to this nature. Hers is truly one of the most uniquely captured nuptials. So modern, minimalist and simultaneously hobo chic in nature.

That Grecian white Humberto Leon (Kenzo) gown is killing it!

Wedding Photographer: Rog Walker


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