By designer, Kibonen Nfi (Cameroon)

KIBONEN NY is a ready-to-wear sportsline that’s inspired to bring CAMER-COUTURE to life on the global catwalk

I was really taken by the KIBONEN NY label as it defines my friends and I to a ‘T’!

The KIBONEN NY woman is a contemporary, 20-something who loves luxurious quirkiness, has the guts to boldly experiment with her fashion choices and, in the designers words, “…is capable of travelling the world at the comfort of her current location through what she wears” and through her love of art.

Check out this really cool and aesthetically delicious sportswear line.

“My Aesthetic vision is based on creating pieces that don’t only represent the Cameroonian tribes, but, garments that are wearable and appreciated by the ultra-modern client – constantly gaining inspirations from the African tribes and global trends.” -designer, Kibonen Nfi (Cameroon)

Facebook: Kibonen NY
Twitter: @KibonenNY
Instagram: @kibonenny



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