Hello 20 Something Africa

China Financial Crisis Art

Hi There

So, this is exciting. My first authentic endeavor…and last ditch attempt…at manifesting something worthwhile. It’d be great to have some of you come along side me on this journey.

I’m dedicating this sacred space to helping myself and young Africa (in my own small way) make sense of and find their bliss/ dharma in this crazy new world order. Hell, it’s an understatement to say the economic, relationship and cultural dynamics as we new them only 2 years ago have all, but, dissipated.

The baby boomer world around us is running their old idea rat race (like headless chickens). Sure they get that the world’s changed. But, I highly doubt they’ve REALLY internalized and woken up to just how far of the old beaten path they are or how much the rules changed.Their supposed to guide us on how to take this continent and our lives to the next level?

Today’s 20 Something Africans live in a continuously changing and volatile new world order and idea of “existence”.

Everyday we’re hearing about teens and 20 Something multimillionaires/ billionaires coming out of the global “Silicon Valley,” corporate and entertainment wood works. My mother had a house, car, husband and kids by the age of 29. The bare minimum back then.

Dream, believe and it’ll manifest they say. The new world order, technology has come with new opportunities simply tap into them, them they say!

I’m 28…I’m struggling to find my sweet spot and stride in my daytime “adult ” job…struggling to break through the salary barrier to get some stability to change the family’s “pomp and circumstance”…and no where near figuring out how to manifest the actual career and lifestyle of my dreams.

From my personal observation no one’s truly helping Young Africa figure out what it’s like to be 20 Something and living in so called “cosmopolitan Africa.” We’re trying to be antiquated ideas of “adults” , “cool” , “cosmopolitan/ Western” and “African” .

Well I’m calling bullshit on the whole thing!

Bullshit on all the rules on finding true love (Men are from Mars, Why Men Love Bitches….blah blah blah). Bullshit on trivialized truths about manifesting our dreams and authentic spirituality. Bullshit on getting that job, or, raise. Bull, bull bull!

Let’s throw off the gloves, get under all the noise, help each other figure out who the true gatekeepers are and how to sit at their table; navigate managing and building our daily and future finances; troll the retail and banking landscape to gain true insight on how we can really gain bang for our hard earned buck, figure out where the true lucrative opportunities really lie  and get some damn stability and Dharma!

Let’s figure this out together. Maybe it’s so much simpler than we thought!

I got you, and I hope you got my back to.

Yours truly and passionately

Amp_Ire (as in “empire” but louder!)



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